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-Teri with psoriatic arthritis,  January 2018
I definitely feel the ValAsta has helped the overall Inflammation in my body.  My skin lesions would be gone in 48 hours after using the ValAsta oil directly on the lesions.
I have so much more energy.  I also cut my insulin in half.  
Sharon with Type II diabetes, November 2017

I have been using this supplement for just over 3 weeks and I am amazed at the benefits already. I am in my 50's and had found that the aches and pains of older age were not a myth. I have exercised fairly consistently over the years and have never had a problem with joint but in the last year or so, I found that my knees (and elbows to some extent) began hurting. Since taking ValAsta I am no longer experiencing ANY joint pain, and the muscle ache from lifting is substantially reduced post work out--so my recovery time is significantly reduced! 
-Dave a runner   November 2017

I love the taste of the chocolate, it is like a treat that's good for me.  I take it for the long term health benefits.  Astaxanthin is the  strongest antioxidant and anti-inflammatory known.
-Tony December 2017

-Joan over 70,   October 2017
This stuff is great. It's max power and it doesn't leave a bad taste in your mouth like some do.  Both me and my husband take it. Astaxanthin is probably the best antioxidant on the market and this comes from natural sources and as stated very strong. Love it.
-Linda,   January 2018
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 I take 48mg of Astaxanthin every day, my pain went away in my joints!   Tina with Arthritis, November 2017
I definitely feel better, clearer minded after 2 or 3 weeks. And it is not subtle. I have tried a lot of vitamins....I was taking omega 3 fish oil, grape seed extract(GSE) before Astaxanthin.  Also, I like that it is in concentrated edible form.